The AZ.T.K Ointment was invented in 1993. It has been sold from one person to the other since 12 and a half years ago.

The only and unforgettable motivation that made me start the research that showed me the way for the development of this product was my first son's health. It was affected by a strange ailment at the time when I was living and studying in Europe.

As a mother that was very worried by my son's health condition, I started to notice that he showed certain symptons that clearly indicated a weakness of his respiratory system.

As the feeling of discomfort and the bronchial problems were increasing and relatively indefinite, I realized that they were of a very difficult recovery and identification because sometimes they looked like asthma, cold, or minor allergies symptoms to diverse elements of the environment.

Consulting Medicine Doctors when I was in Europe and afterwards my return to Mexico I interviewed more doctors and the diagnosis was that the baby would get asthma.

Thanks to my experience as Odontologist, with the basic knowledge of medicine and the therapies that each doctor have experienced, I started a conscientious study of the mexican natural medicine, because of the symptons that my child finally had it was possible to develop an asthmatic condition... sickness that I wanted to prevent to my child no matter what, much less I wanted to pay the price of the cost of the improvement of this illness, besides living in a city with a humid environment, and where the majority of sports are acuatic and outdoors.

And thanks to the herbalist heritage left by our ancestors I discovered the varied richness of the therapeutic power that go together with the plants of our land.

During my studies of the kindness of the vegetables consigned in the mexicna herbalist history, I found that the medical values in most of them can be used combining them, getting a multiple effect that prevents, attenuates and lessens diverse illnesses simultaneously.

That's how and why I decided to prepare an ointment putting together the wonderful power that a lot of the mexican plants have, used by our ancestors since very long time,... so we know when the spaniards arrived Emperor Moctezuma's botanic garden had more than 2500 medicinal herbs properly identified and selected for therapeutic reasons, that now we know that the effects resulting not only on the specific ailment but produce other colateral effects in our health.

As an acknowledgement to our ancestorsand I decided to name the ointment "AZ.T.K Ointment".

Because of the multiple benefits that it proportions in diverse illnesses like: Skin Damages, Muscular and joint Problems, Burnts, Hemorroids, Respiratory Problems, etc., and with the desire to make extensive the benefits that this ointment produced in my son's health, I decided to fabricate so other people have a reach to it, what allows me to present it as a product that can be sold nationally and internationally.