Photographs sent by users of our ointment that show the wonderful coadjuvant effects in the remission of very delicate medical entities, such as burns, very strong blows, varicose or diabetic ulcers, some of the last 2 that frequently lead to amputations.

Steam burn. It can be seen from left to right: 1.-Having been treated in a hospital for a week, he arrives home in these conditions. 2.- Upon arriving home, the AZTK Herbal application is started and after 2 days the changes in the regeneration of the cellular tissue can be appreciated.

3.- Here you see the improvement after 10 days using the ointment. 4.- Current appearance of the skin in the area of the burn.

Thanks to relatives of a current patient, with varicose ulcers, we have the following amazing photos with the effects of AZTK Herbal in the remission of the damage caused by this condition.

In deep cuts in the skin, also the wonderful adjuvant effects can be observed, as in this case due to an accident with emery.
These photos show us the surprising healing of an eleven-year-old boy, who stepped on a pile of red-hot sawdust with his left foot, when he lost his balance while riding his bicycle.
In this first photo we see the strong burns caused by the red-hot sawdust on the sole of the foot..
In the second shot we see the strong burns on the upper part of the foot that was covered by the burning sawdust..
In this last shot we see the surprising result obtained with the exclusive use of AZTK Herbal ointment, applying it 2 times a day for long enough.
Strong blows: In these last photos we see the effect of a strong blow against a wall on a 9-year-old boy. The first 2 photos clearly show the child's damaged forehead.
In the third photo you can see the application of the ointment on the child's head, and in the last the result with only 36 hours of use of the ointment.
It also has wonderful adjuvant effects on: hemorrhoids, stretch marks or wrinkles, fresh scars from surgeries, bruises, menstrual cramps, fly bites, pimples, strains, sprains, muscle tears, rheumatism, arthritis, bedsores or sores due to prolonged prostration and other uses that can be consulted on this website.